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Thursday February 23, 2012. The Bariloche Shopping Spree

February 25, 2012

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Today we went to the local city of Bariloche to spend a day of leisure. There were a few police checks on the way in, which slowed our trip a bit but we made it in by mid morning. We scattered for a an hour or so and then reconvened at a local parillada called El Refugio del Montañes where those who like such things ordered many different cuts of meat and different sausages including morcilla (pig blood sausage) and chorizo (spicy sausage). Soporific after this large lunch we split into various groups and dispersed through the town to purchase souvenirs and gifts, explore the town or walk along the waterfront. A group of us headed down to the harbour where we sun-bathed on the pier and watched the pumice (volcanic rock) float into  shore.  We wandered around town, exploring the “gaucho-themed” stores and the local artisan markets. Dante taught some locals how to “footbag” (aka to some of us as hacky sack) as the famous Bariloche St. Bernard dogs watched (the Civic Centre has many St. Bernards whose owners make money taking pictures of their dogs with tourists). We will not reveal the list of booty lest we give away any surprises but suffice to say that it was an excellent day.

El Profesor Gaucho y Equipo Numero 2

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