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February 11 and 12 2012 – En Route to Patagonia via Santiago

February 17, 2012

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After a day of anxious anticipation and last minute preparations, we made our way in insufficient winter gear to BioSci to board our bus at 5pm. As good Canadians, we stopped at TIm Horton’s on our way to the Toronto Airport. After stumbling our way through the strange self check-in system and shuffling through the security line, we finally boarded our flight three hours later. Our overnight flight was uneventful and we filled the hours with naps and Air Canada movies. We landed in Santiago ten hours later, at noon with the time difference. Upon arrival we had our US money fondled by the border guards collecting our reciprocity fee, looking for “suspicious rips”. Many were rejected. Several line-ups later, we secured entry into Chile, collected our bags, and made it through Customs. With six hours before our next flight, we left the airport to get some sun. Some of us played cards in the grass, explored, or foraged unsuccessfully for food in the airport. With a few hours to go, we checked our bags and went through security (again). We then had a siesta fiesta on the airport benches while waiting for our flight to depart. Our plane for Puerto Montt left at 8pm, providing us with a view of the glorious red sunset over the mountains and ocean. After a brief 1.5 hours, we landed in Puerto Montt, collected our bags and boarded the Bus of Dreams – literally the best bus that ever existed. Our half hour ride to Puerto Varas was narrated by a friendly and knowledgeable guide and we soon reached our hostel. After being assigned rooms and dumping our bags, we forgot our tiredness and headed out to explore the town. We walked around, explored downtown and got our first taste of South America before heading back to get some much anticipated horizontal shut-eye.

-Las Liolameus Locos


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